Dr. Hamilton's Testimonials - Continued

Hollywood, CA
Rhinoplasty/ Septoplasty 5/22/2008

"Initially, I was referred to Dr. Smith from Cedars due to a breathing problem. Upon examining me, Dr. Smith felt Dr. Hamilton, her associate, would be the right fit for the procedure I would need. I had difficulty breathing through my nose for years, and saw several doctors, who never had the right solution for me. however, with in the first consultation with Dr. Hamilton, I was just impressed. He gave me a good "gut feeling", and if this was after an hour of meeting with him, there was no doubt I was in great hands. He was very thorough, and above all, patient. I swear my mom and I must have asked a million questions, but he took his time to explain every single one to us. We loved that he was so confident and reassuring! Dr. Hamilton and his staff were very professional and friendly, not cold like other offices I had been to. It was honestly a genuine warm atmosphere, which was just so comforting.

My end results were just amazing! I felt much more beautiful and just great. The way I looked, I seriously should have come across Dr. Hamilton a lot sooner. His technique and procedure just changed my life. I'm just much more confident, and above all else I can breathe! I have come across many people interested in having this procedure, and all I can say is go for it, he's just the best. I feel like an official Dr. Hamilton spokes person, because I'm just so happy with how everything turned out."




Pamela H.
Sylmar, CA
Blepharoplasty 6/27/2008

"I was referred to Dr. Jason Hamilton by one of my students, who had a procedure done with him, and came out looking just fabulous. Prior to the referral, I had consulted with about 4 or 5 different plastic surgeons, which didn't do it for me. I was looking for not just a doctor, but someone who had the best approach. Once I met Dr. Hamilton, I must say, I loved his attitude and felt I had finally found the right doctor with excellent knowledge. Dr. Hamilton was genuine, considerate, and I especially felt my procedure came out just wonderful. There was hardly any down time, and the scars are practically gone. I honestly feel lucky to have come across such an admirably doctor. Of course, I cannot forget his staff which were all just excellent, kind, careful and considerate. I have started and will continue to refer my friends and family to Dr. Hamilton."

Emily N.
Los Angeles, CA

"I chose Dr. Hamilton for my surgery because Dr. Lorraine Smith referred me to him. She not only trusted him but knew he was well qualified. When I met with Dr. Hamilton, I found him to be very intelligent, patient and informative. He was great answering all my questions. He really took the time to explain my procedure and even encouraged more questions, I never felt rushed during my visits. I could not have been more pleased with the outcome of my surgery. I would recommend Dr. Hamilton to anyone who needs surgery."

Jennifer S.
Beverly Hills, CA
Lower Blepharoplasty

"Dr. Hamilton has been my client and a personal friend for a long time. Dr. Hamilton has a great demeanor; he is candid and very respectable. So, when I consulted with him about my blepharoplasty, he addressed all my concerns. I've always had some reservations about surgery and anesthesia, but he was great at making sure I understood all the information. Not only that but he never pressured me into having unnecessary procedures. He was very honest and told me what I should and should not do. After my surgery I woke up in the most comfortable recovery bed, in the most comfortable position and my legs were even propped up! The recovery people have it down! I had an absolutely great experience. I am very happy with my results. I would recommend anyone without hesitation. I really love and trust Dr. Hamilton!"


Craig L.
West Hollywood, CA
Surgery 5/22/2007

"Everything was great! In fact it was easier than what I expected it to be! When I met Dr. Hamilton, I knew he was definitely the guy to do the job. He was very patient and took his time to go into detail throughout the whole procedure. The experience was excellent and extremely easy. I have recommended him to people. I actually had a friend who wanted a rhinoplasty himself, and I told him "I have a great doctor for you!" Not only is Dr. Hamilton great, but the staff is extremely nice. Every time I went for a follow up visit, they were warm. The nicest part of the facility is that they have a nice little family like attitude."



Jacob M.
Santa Monica, CA
Septoplasty/ Rhinoplasty 7/31/2009

"When I was about 15 I experienced a nasal fracture, as a result of the fracture I developed a hump on my nose, and noticed it became even harder to breathe out of my nostrils, and was loosing the ability to smell. The inability to breathe was affecting my exercise regimen as a cyclist; it became more and more difficult as time went by. Finally, I decided it was time to get my problem corrected. I proceeded to go online and look up surgeons who could take care of my problem, and found Dr. Hamilton through the www.ohni.org website. I researched and met with other doctors prior to my appointment with Dr. Hamilton, and they didn't care about my concerns or questions, they were very short and set in their ways, I felt as if they had no consideration as to what I truly wanted my results to be. However, I made I made to my appointment, and really liked him from the moment I met him. He was patient, informative, detailed with a very good sense of esthetics. He deals with patients in a very patient way. He takes his time to truly show and explain the procedure. Dr. Hamilton is a really good example of what good doctor should be!

As for my results he did an incredibly perfect job. I can breathe, and smell things that I wasn't able to before. The appearance of my nose was subtle, no one could notice, it looks natural. He did exactly what I wanted, and nothing more. Everything has changed for the best! I had hardly any swelling, and I healed quickly and feel great. I have nothing but good words to speak of my experience with Dr. Hamilton. I have and will continue to recommend friends and family to him."

Thank you,
Jacob M.

Los Angeles, CA

"A friend told me about Dr. Hamilton, she had amazing results on her procedure. On my first visit to Dr. Hamilton’s office I liked his experience, honesty, modesty, and the fact that I really trusted him. Dr. Hamilton was very easy to talk to, has a warm personality, and down to earth. I was confident and excited to get move forward with my procedure. Everyone at the office is really sweet and friendly. Many doctor offices often feel intimidating, but that wasn’t the case here. My procedure went as expected, with out any issues. I loved my results, and have already begun to tell people about Dr. Hamilton."


Marla G.
Sherman Oaks, CA
Blepharoplasty 8/27/2009

"Dr. Hamilton was extremely professional and honest about what your results will be after surgery. I really appreciated that, not many doctors are honest and true to patients. He totally lived up to what he said; I looked great after five days. I have been doing very well, and am happy with my eyes. My results from my surgery are that I look very natural and refreshed; no one can tell I had surgery, I just look naturally rested. He is the best, and I will continue to see Dr. Hamilton and recommend him."

Nazak N.
Encino, CA
Revision Rhinoplasty 7/21/2009

"Thank you! I have had a great experience from start to finish. I knew the moment from my consult that Dr. Hamilton was the BEST! He was so knowledgeable, kind and thorough. He really took the time to help me. Not to mention his entire friendly and caring staff. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You guys are all amazing!"

Los Angeles, CA
Blepharoplasty, Radiesse, and Botox

"I came across Dr. Hamilton through the internet. He had excellent qualifications, and he was absolutely easy to talk to. Our first consultation went very well not only was he informative but he made me feel completely comfortable. The office staff was friendly and courteous. My overall experience was excellent. Dr. Hamilton completely met my expectations, and without a doubt I would recommend him."

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