Dr. Hamilton's Testimonials

M. P .
Lower Blepharoplasty

"Dr. Jason Hamilton has changed my life! Ever since I was very young I've had excessive bags underneath my eyes. They got worse as I got older and there was absolutely nothing I could do about them! Even with 12 hours of sleep, countless creams, and Preparation H, the puffiness in my eyes wouldn't subside, and I was constantly asked if I was tired. I was blessed to have discovered Dr. Hamilton through a referral. I honestly couldn't have asked for a better surgeon. He is so professional and kind, his attention to detail and attentiveness far exceeds what is expected. He does not over look any of your needs.

Thank you Dr. Hamilton for your amazing work, your friendship, and for me a new life! "


Chris R.
West Hollywood, CA
Rhinoplasty 4/11/2008

"Dr. Hamilton was recommended to me by his associate Dr. Lorraine Smith. She mentioned what excellent work he does. During my first consult I felt that he really explained the procedure very well. He had a great personality and a relaxed attitude, which is great! Once I healed from my procedure, I just was amazed at how natural I looked, not at all the "done" look. I would let anyone who needed a plastic surgeon know he is just a great person who cares for his patients with passion. My overall experience was fantastic."


Los Angeles, CA
Lower Blepharoplasty/Turbinate Reduction

"I wasn't initially referred to Dr. Hamilton I was referred to one of the associate doctors in their practice. However, they fit me into his schedule, which was a great coincidence. He initially treated me for a medical reason, and I noticed that he was the Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Director. Dr. Hamilton was very confident and gave me comfort when I asked about removal of bags from my eyes, and mentioned my difficulty breathing. I am of African decent and am susceptible to keloid formations after scars heal, the fact that he was too heightened the level of comfort. I knew he truly would know how to take care of my needs.

He took great care of me, and everyone at his office made me seem as if they really cared for me. Everyone at his office always gave me the feeling that they were happy to see me. There was hardly a wait time when I would see him, and I was glad about that. I am the first person to go into an office and notice things that are wrong, I am very picky and extremely critical of my doctors and staff. After my surgery, I felt PHENOMINAL! I give his office and his work, from a scale of 1 – 10 they are all an ABSOLUTE 10. My results are spectacular, I came out looking very natural not done up which is wonderful to not have the “made” look. The other part of my surgery, left me with the ability to breathe again, I even have to become used to that idea.

Dr. Hamilton has my highest regard he was just wonderful. I loved his work so much, I’d drive anyone in for a recommendation, and I truly would."



Lidia A.
Los Angeles, CA
Upper/lower Blepharoplasty/Radiesse X1

"I was looking for a great doctor, who would truly take care of me. The procedure I wanted to have was to correct my eyelids, cosmetically. My mother-in-law, mentioned Dr. Hamilton to me, and that the results were incredibly great.

From my initial consultation Dr. Hamilton made me feel extremely comfortable. Everyone on his staff treated me very well, they were all caring and I felt like I was with family. I am going back very soon to have another procedure, and of course would recommend Dr. Hamilton. He is the best. "

Beverly Hills, CA

"I heard of Dr. Hamilton through one of my girlfriends, who sees him. She raved what a great doctor he was, so I decided to schedule my first consultation with him. My earlobe had torn, from wearing heavy earrings. He repaired both of my ears wonderfully, my results were great. Everyone was fabulous at the office, Dr. Hamilton was just great. "

Peter B.
Camarillo, CA
Septoplasty/Turbinate Reduction

"Thank you for doing my surgery. I am doing very well. I have even been sleeping better and waking up well rested. My breathing has improved and I have good air exchange. It was a blessing that I found you. Thank you for caring and being concerned with me. God bless you and your family. "

Lower Blepharoplasty/Radiesse

"I heard of Dr. Hamilton through an article that I found on "Guide to America's Top Physician." I was truly impressed and went ahead with booking my initial consultation. Dr. Hamilton was very attentive and concerned with meeting my expectations for surgery. He was extremely professional, and listened to all of my needs. I was given an abundance of information, just from my first consultation. His staff was very impressive, they are very professional, and kind. I am doing very well, and am very satisfied. "


Rosalyn G.
Beverly Hills, CA
Earlobe Repairs - both ears

"I consulted with Dr. Hamilton about my ear lobes. Both of my earlobes had opened from previous wearing of long, heavy earrings. My primary doctor recommended Dr. Hamilton to me for my repair. It went great, the recovery was quick. I pierced my ears shortly after and I've been doing just fine. Thank for such a great job Dr. Hamilton! "

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